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Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, our Vinyasa yoga classes are designed to suit all levels of ability. Learn to build strength and concentration with our slow flow class, or choose the more vigorous power flow class if you need more of a challenge. Practising in our peaceful yoga studio with floor-to-ceiling views of Bandar is the perfect setting to centre mind, body and spirit. 

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The Vinyasa yoga class in Brunei is a dynamic yoga class focusing on continuously bringing together different yoga postures seamlessly, using breath. Combining flowing yoga poses together helps activate the body and to calm the mind. This yoga class in Brunei will implement energetic and flowing sequences to help you breathe, sweat and transform.

Painted against the picturesque view of Bandar in the heart of Brunei, Jab Gym’s peaceful yoga studio is almost symbolic of you exploring your mind, body and spirit. In this yoga class, you will learn to approach fitness, as well as mindfulness subtly and gently. Described as dynamic, fun and challenging, the yoga class explores well-rounded postures to elevate your breath-work and meditation skills.

Whether you’d like to optimise your mental and/or physical health, improve your concentration, or build your strength, this yoga class can be attended by both beginners and seasoned yogi.