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Gloves ready for forty five minutes of heart-pumping exercise mixed up with boxing drills. Get in the zone in our slick studio and perfect your jab-cross combo on one of the aqua training bags. A fun and energetic session releasing all those feel good endorphins!


Our pure boxing classes focused on the sweet science of boxing with drills, pad work and movements all working towards helping you perfect your boxing technique. Expect 45 minutes of sweat (maybe tears) and calorie burning in an intense workout!


Developed by a former Navy SEAL, TRX is suspension based-training that focuses on developing strength, balance and core stability. TRX offers a total-body workout – it’s a great way to build muscle and core strength without using machines or dumbells. 


Our circuit training is challenging and high-impact – you will cycle through several exercises in the space of 45 minutes, targeting different muscle groups while building cardio endurance. It’s a great burn for the days you want to leave it all out there on the gym floor.


A great way to transform your body by building strength and better overall endurance and stamina. Our classes focus on using your own body weight for resistance, using a variety of different exercises to improve movement, health and physical performance.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, our Vinyasa yoga classes are designed to suit all levels of ability. Learn to build strength and concentration with our slow flow class, or choose the more vigorous power flow class if you need more of a challenge. Practising in our peaceful yoga studio with floor-to-ceiling views of Bandar is the perfect setting to centre mind, body and spirit. 


Graceful and fun, come join our 45 min barre class to sculpt and shape! A blend of pilates, yoga and ballet inspired moves, our low impact strength class is a 3 in 1. Feel the barre burn as we work muscles to their absolute edge through tiny movements!


Whether you want one-on-one boxing training or just want to focus on boosting your fitness, our excellent coaching team can help guide you and design a course of action. It’s your session and you can have it however you want it.